Introducing ChatFactory

A B2B buying agent, powered by generative AI, that turns bloated, hard-to-navigate websites into self-serve buying experiences.

Screenshots of ChatFactory

Why ChatFactory?
Because no one likes website bloat.


ChatFactory puts an end to confusing websites by enabling buyers to build their own personalized content experiences, based on content you already have.

The Value of ChatFactory?

Removing friction for buyers.

ChatFactory delivers a new type of buying experience that enables buyers to self-educate through a conversation engine and content recommendations.

Deliver personalized content journeys that increase buyer engagement

Leverage buying agent(s) that ingest your existing content, deliver AI-generated content recommendations based on buyer questions, and provide auto-generated personalized microsites.

Unlock content ROI by increasing your buyer’s content consumption

An easier way to amplify, reuse, and activate your best content for your buyers while highlighting your content gaps and tracking content engagement.

Generate stronger buying signals and win rates with buyer-led experiences

Enable buyers to take control of their buying experience through an AI-powered conversation interface that recommends the most-relevant content based on buyer questions.

How To Use ChatFactory

From content discovery to ABM, ChatFactory can be used across the sales funnel.

1. Website Agent

Enable an easier buying experience. Provide a buying agent that provides website visitors with AI-generated content recommendations and auto-generated microsites

2. Sales Content Discovery Co-Pilot

Stop endless searches for content. Use a buying agent to get content recommendations, messaging, and personalized microsites you can share with your buyers

3. After The Click

Guide buyers directly from your ads or emails to a custom buying agent, delivering recommended content based on their unique offers

4. Resource Center Co-Pilot

Use your resource center content to train custom buying agents that answer buyer questions and provide AI-generated content recommendations

5. Personalized ABM Experiences

Send a target account to a custom buying agent to deliver a package of relevant conversation topics, recommended content, and 1:1 landing pages

6. Content Strategy Insights

Review buyer conversations. See how your content aligns and answers questions based on an AI confidence score, and use insights to identify new content to create

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