How Allocadia used content intelligence to inform their marketing strategy

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increase in engagement with PathFactory vs. one-and-done content offers


improvement in closed-won when PathFactory tracks were utilized

Actionable data

for the SDR team

Allocadia couldn’t answer their big content strategy questions

The corporate marketing team at Allocadia had built a strong content strategy that experienced some success, but it was based too much on intuition and gut feeling than high-quality data. The tools they used to measure the impact of their content only provided limited insight into its performance, such as website traffic and form fills. They needed a way to confirm their suspicions on what was working, and what wasn’t, to unlock the next evolution of their content marketing maturity and deliver a better buying experience for Allocadia’s prospects.


Using content intelligence to accelerate and optimize their content strategy

Allocadia trusted PathFactory data to help uncover the answers they were looking for. The corporate marketing team packaged all their content in PathFactory Content Tracks and distributed it across as many channels as possible to gather real-time content performance data.

This content intelligence allowed Allocadia to:

  • Identify top-performing content for each use case at each stage of their buyer’s journey
  • Hone in on what resonates best with their audience
  • Understand the best time to deploy the content for optimal pipeline acceleration

Content performance data working in conjunction with PathFactory-powered fast-moving buyer alerts to sales helped drive more effective and efficient content marketing results.

Making content strategy tweaks in real time

At the start of the pandemic, Allocadia recognized that marketers needed help understanding how they could rapidly shift marketing investments to adjust to the uncertain economic climate caused by COVID-19. They started creating useful, tactical content to support customers and then tweaked it for broader marketing audiences who were facing the same challenges.

Using Path Analytics, they identified that there was a 3.5X increase in time spent reading Allocadia’s COVID-19 related content compared to other topics, and a 2X increase in the number of people viewing content overall from early-to-mid March 2020.

Bar Graph of PathFactory analytics showing time spent viewing Alocadias content.

A new blog post titled Best Practices for Marketing Budget Agility During Crisis & Disruption had already become one of their most popular pieces of content, despite the fact that it had been published less than two weeks prior. In fact, people were spending an average of an average of 4 minutes and 29 seconds reading it. This data gave them the confidence to know that their content was actually helping marketers, and informed future content plans.

“As our content strategy matured, we had too many questions about how our content performed and where we should go next. Using PathFactory allowed us to understand, accelerate, and optimize our content strategy to ensure we’re delivering a better buyer’s journey that generates results.”
Shannon Fitzgerald-Lussie
Content Marketing Manager
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