How TIBCO Doubled MQL Conversion Rates With High-Performing ABM Campaigns

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The Results with PathFactory


Increase in MQL conversion rate.


Increase in content engagement.


Point increase in SQL rate.


ABM campaigns launched in the first year.


Difficult to create customized content journeys for target accounts at scale

TIBCO was faced with a tall order: build a successful ABM program from the ground up without a dedicated ABM team. Tim and the TIBCO marketing team aimed to deliver personalized content journeys for target accounts, but they didn’t have the bandwidth to create net new content for each account. Plus, they didn’t have a reliable way to understand what content was being consumed and resonating at target accounts. They needed a solution that offered insights to help them rapidly build and scale their ABM program, without a ton of overhead.


Use Content Tracks to create personalized, bingeable experiences for target accounts

Using PathFactory, Tim bundled related content assets into personalized content journeys—called Content Tracks—each congured with a customized look and feel. These Content Tracks encourage content-bingeing behavior, and enable prospects to easily self-educate along their path to purchase. Tim now uses data like time spent on content to gauge content consumption at target accounts. Plus, integrating PathFactory with Marketo allows the team to score and qualify known leads based on actual engagement with content.

“Building out an ABM program from scratch was a daunting process. Leveraging PathFactory Content Tracks was key to solving the mammoth challenge of content selection and customization, and ultimately building a scalable and successful program.”
Timothy Noble
Digital Marketing Specialist