How OSIsoft achieved a 3.5X increase in conversions from their email nurture in 30 days


Increase in MQL conversion


increase in conversion in 30 days


increase in influenced opps over 8 months


Traditional nurture program was underperforming

Jennifer was running a traditional nurture program where prospects were receiving one asset at a time, at a set cadence. She wasn’t seeing the performance she wanted, and beyond standard email engagement metrics, she had no way of knowing if the content was actually being consumed on the other side of the click. She needed a solution that would allow her to increase content consumption in order to convert more leads faster, plus provide analytics to gauge success.


Making Content Tracks the destination for every click

Jennifer leveraged PathFactory Content Tracks to package related content together in cohesive streams. Now, when prospects click on emails, these Content Tracks encourage them to keep bingeing on relevant content, by recommending the next asset to keep reading. With Path Analytics, Jennifer has the data to know with certainty which assets are getting consumed and which aren’t, so she can continuously optimize the sequence to boost results.

“PathFactory solved a critical problem for us. We now know whether or not our content is getting consumed, which allows us to optimize our nurture program to get more engagement from every touch.”
Jennifer Valentine
Sr. Marketing Operations Manager