How Radware generated 9.5X higher digital ad engagement

The Results with PathFactory


Higher digital ad engagement vs. PathFactory customer average


Increased asset views


More engagement time spent on assets in the content track


Little information on who consumed content via ads, what they were interested in

The Radware marketing team ran the majority of their digital advertising on LinkedIn. Although the LinkedIn lead collector generated results, the team faced two huge barriers. Prospects needed to continually fill in forms to access more content, impeding bingeing. The LinkedIn lead collector gave them prospect information, but the team didn’t know if anyone consumed or even liked the content, making it tough to improve their content or optimize their targeting.


Use PathFactory data to build the ideal content journey

After pointing their LinkedIn ads to PathFactory content tracks, the Radware team started to uncover ways to improve how they were delivering content. They realized showing an eBook right away resulted in higher bounce rates versus an infographic, which is easier to digest and kept more qualified leads engaged. With PathFactory, prospects only needed to fill in one form to access multiple pieces of the content resulting in a 70% lift in views and a 93% increase in engagement time! The biggest benefit that PathFactory data gave Radware was the ability to retarget everyone who landed on the content, allowing the team to accelerate people through the buyer’s journey.

“Our prospects now only need to fill in one form to get everything versus a form for each piece of content. Removing these barriers has completely revamped their content consumption experience.”
Deborah Szajngarten
Former Director of Research Marketing