How TIBCO accelerated funnel velocity by allowing customers to self-nurture

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The Results with PathFactory


Marketing engaged lead (MEL) to MQL conversion rate


SAL to SQL conversion rate


Increase in opportunities


Lead scoring based on vanity metrics didn’t accurately reflect buying intent

TIBCO’s original nurture program sent a series of emails, each containing a single content asset. None of them had a next step, leaving customers hanging until the next email delivered the next asset. It was a classic drip campaign, full of dead ends. Beyond the click, the team had zero visibility into whether customers were actually engaging with the content, or what impact that engagement had further down the funnel. As a result, the program lacked agility and lead qualification was inaccurate.


Integrate PathFactory and Marketo to optimize lead scoring

The first step to improving funnel velocity was to ditch the traditional drip and put all nurture assets into carefully curated content tracks using PathFactory’s Content Insight and Activation Platform. Now, buyers are always served the next-best asset and can self-educate at their own pace. They never see the same asset twice. Plus, by incorporating PathFactory’s Engaged Intent data into Marketo’s lead scoring, they’ve raised the bar on what ‘qualification’ really means.

“We now score leads based on their engagement with assets in PathFactory rather than simply relying on clicks or downloads–and we’ve seen impressive lifts in our lead funnel performance.”
Mervyn Alamgir
Former Senior Director, Digital Marketing