For Account-Based Marketing

“Implementing PathFactory has completely changed the way we engage our target accounts. That ability to create account-specific content experiences has also greatly improved sales and marketing alignment.”

Ari Echt

Director of ABM at Invoca

ABM content delivery at scale

Seamlessly package up account-specific content, or map existing content to the right account, all without the headache of IT, Web Development or an excessive Marketing Ops workload.

Content consumption by account

Understand the content consumption of accounts and people to determine which accounts are the most sales-ready, and which topics and assets are resonating with them.

Micro-personalization after every ABM click

Personalize content recommendations at every phase of the journey. Where most ABM solutions only personalize the initial content offer, PathFactory builds AI-powered content journeys tailored to each individual, and gets smarter over time.

Trending at your account recommendations

Surface the content that is trending with others at the account, often amongst the same buying committee.