Content Intelligence and Personalization Platform for B2B Marketers

Stop guessing when it comes to your content.

PathFactory tells you what content is working (and not working) so you can:

  • Create personalized content experiences for individual buyers

  • Increase content engagement among target accounts

  • Connect content to revenue and (finally) measure content ROI


increase in closed won revenue



increase in content views



increase in pipeline generation


Ready To See Results?

What is PathFactory?

PathFactory creates AI-powered, personalized content experiences proven to accelerate deal velocity, convert buyers, and intelligently connect content to revenue.

Uncover Your Best Content

Keep your content organized, tagged, and easily-searchable within PathFactory, while using the built-in analytics suite to surface high-performing content.

Create Campaigns That Convert

Stop sending your buyers to one-off content assets, and instead share highly-curated, relevant content journeys featuring information they need to make a buying decision.

Track Buyer Engagement and Intent

Keep tabs on known and anonymous buyers at the account and individual level, so your go-to-market team has the right insights to prioritize deals and start sales conversations.

Connect Content To Revenue

Prove marketing ROI by capturing your content’s influence on your sales funnel, while analyzing the highest-converting content and channels.

Win Deals With Content AI and Data

Combine first- and third-party intent, content engagement, and customer profile data to help you optimize your campaigns to achieve results—every time.

We Partner and Integrate With the Best

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the PathFactory treatment

What’s Included?

Every user gets access to the entire PathFactory suite

Content Experiences

Manage your content and create personalized content experiences for the entire buyer journey.

Content AI & Automation

Improve ABM personalization and accelerate deal velocity with AI-powered recommendations.

Revenue Intelligence

See how your content influences pipeline, track account health, and find hidden revenue opportunities.


Gain a unified view of marketing- and sales-led content activation and uncover buyer engagement patterns.

Add ContentAI To Your Tech Stack

Go-to-market teams can easily integrate PathFactory with tools in their existing stack, including Salesforce, Marketo, and Google Analytics.

We Don’t Like to Brag…

See What Some of Our Customers Say

increase in content consumption
increase in engaged audience YoY
PathFactory serves enablement content in bingeable, single-browser experiences, making it easy to educate partners and understand behavior.
Marketing Technology Manager
increase in win rate
increase in deal velocity
The ability to tailor experiences…is worth its weight in gold. It helps us improve our conversion rates, improve stickiness, and deliver our content.
VP Growth Marketing
increase in content engagement time
increase in demo request form fills
Thanks to the integration between PathFactory and Marketo, we provide improved, tailored experiences for each of our target accounts.
HG Insights
Senior Marketing Manager
increase in Average Contract Value
Hours web developer time saved
Implementing PathFactory has completely changed the way we engage our target accounts. That ability to create account-specific content experiences has also greatly improved sales and marketing alignment.
Director of Marketing Operations