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with PathFactory’s Content Intelligence Platform

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How Content Intelligence Drives Digital Transformation for B2B Marketers

From creation and management to performance and insights, traditional marketing approaches routinely fail to deliver the results brands need or the experiences buyers want. These challenges have only gotten worse as the pandemic drove B2B buyers and customers to rapidly increase their content consumption and adopt more consumer-style behaviors at work.

"PathFactory provides great insights into content consumption across all of our assets. It makes it easy to gauge buyer intent and react to those who are heavily engaged."

Adam Kaiser
Former Senior Vice President Marketing
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Increase revenue

Reduce friction by building real-time content journeys using AI and eliminating hard gating.

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Better engagement data

Focus your sales and marketing efforts where your audience is spending the most time.

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Reduce costs

Get the most out of every (expensive) click by giving your audience everything they need in real-time.

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B2B marketing status quo

  • Friction for your audience. Dead-end destinations, unnecessary gates, and impossible-to-find content.
  • Poor engagement signals for you. Clicks, forms fills, and page visits don’t tell you if your audience has actually consumed your content.

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Frictionless B2B marketing

  • Create micro-personalized content journeys for your audience in real time based on their content consumption history.
  • Crystal clear engagement signals for you. Identify sales-ready buyers, and which content and channels are working based on time spent consuming content.

"I'm very pleased with what we've been able to accomplish with PathFactory and the myriad ways we can use the tool to improve our content and sales outreach programs."
Linda Souza
Senior Vice President, Marketing
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Removing friction from B2B marketing and sales


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