Marketers use PathFactory at every stage of the customer lifecycle

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Trupanion increased content consumption 9.4X

“The content consumption insights that PathFactory provides allow us to stop spending money on low quality leads, and start using more of our budget where it drives revenue.”

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TIBCO saw a 40% improvement in funnel velocity

"We now score leads based on their engagement with assets in PathFactory rather than simply relying on clicks or downloads–and we’ve seen impressive lifts in our lead funnel performance."

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Cisco boosted customer adoption by 3.5X

“Combining data with effective tools like PathFactory, we can have more than 100K highly personalized conversations with our customers to guide them on their path to success.”

The marketers have spoken


"Great tool for continued engagement and robust content analytics"

- Caitlin F.

“Never ever have to fill a form again”

- Ankit S.

“Great company, great people, great product”

- Jonathan L.

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