Marketers use PathFactory at every stage of the customer lifecycle

61% lift in demo form fill rates

“Thanks to the integration between PathFactory and Marketo, we can provide an improved, tailored experience for each of our target accounts.”

Molly from Monte Carlo

1000+ form submissions from their “Product Tour” content track

“PathFactory has increased the velocity of the buyer journey from curiosity to happy customer. It increased the quality, volume and speed of conversions.“

30,565 unique visitors of which +50% are known visitors

“With the sales team enabled on PathFactory insights, we have increased our marketing and sales alignment.”

The marketers have spoken

“PathFactory is so essential that is has become our main source of truth.”
– Shelley Aufray, Lead Management and Campaigns, Siemens


“We’re able to have more than 100,000 highly-personalized conversations with our customers.”
– Maureen Robbs, Digital Experience Architect, Cisco


“We can see that PathFactory’s AI works, and we will rely on it more heavily in the future.”
– Rob Stanley, Director of Marketing Ops, CallMiner


TrustYou increased revenue 4.5X from a key content asset


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