How Contentsquare used PathFactory to align their sales and marketing teams

The Results With PathFactory


Increase in visitor binge rate


increase in unique bingers


unique visitors of which + 50% are known visitors


Build a data-driven go-to-market function while creating a better content experience for customers and prospects

Contentsquare the leading digital experience analytics platform, moves beyond traditional analytics to enable an unprecedented understanding of the customer experience. Its AI-powered platform provides rich and contextual insight into customer behaviors and intent throughout the customer journey, allowing businesses to optimize the online experience and drive growth. Eleni Mitzalis, Contentsquare’s Director of Demand Generation, needed to remove friction from their lead gen funnel, improve go-to-market and sales alignment and better understand how prospects were consuming content.

With their main KPI of growing the number of qualified opportunities, Eleni’s team needed to optimize conversion rates and cost per MQL as much as possible. The demand gen team was sharing valuable content, but SDRs were lacking insight into the content engagement behavior of prospects.

Before PathFactory, the team primarily published gated reports to capture intent and leads. Even when the team was capturing information via form fills, deeper insights were needed into the content driving prospect engagement. Once leads did come in, a prospect would be attached to a Salesforce campaign and moved to a dashboard which outlined all MQLs ready for outreach. However, Contentsquare’s SDRs had no clear way of prioritizing their outreach to MQLs, as they were mainly relying on form fills to understand intent. There was also little visibility into time spent reading content or a prospect’s overall engagement with a content asset.


Optimize lead follow-up and conversion with better insights from content intelligence

With new insight into visitors’ content engagement, Contentsquare could better support their sales team, and improve the visitor experience. By using PathFactory to set an engagement threshold, there is no longer a need to gate every piece of content because a prospect is automatically added to a campaign dashboard when they hit a certain amount of engagement time.

The sales team also uses PathFactory’s ‘fast-moving buyer’ alerts which sends an automatic email and Slack notification to alert them of a buyer that is highly engaged. With PathFactory’s content engagement insights, personalized email follow-ups are seamless and tailored based on the kind of topics the prospect consumes, as well as the channel and formats they prefer. “PathFactory has helped us understand our content performance. By getting consumption insights, we can update our strategy to prioritize the topics and formats creating the highest engagement and binge rates,” said Eleni Mitzalis, Director of Demand Generation, Contentsquare.

After implementing PathFactory, Contentsquare united their sales and marketing teams and built a powerful go-to-market motion. By aligning these two teams, Contentsquare has shortened its sales cycles, improved its marketing operations, and seen increased content engagement.

“With the sales team enabled on PathFactory insights, we have increased our marketing and sales alignment.”
Eleni Mitzalis
Director of Demand Generation