We build AI-driven content journeys based on real content consumption data


Fuel every stage of the customer journey with intelligent content. Nurture in real-time using bingeable Content Tracks and micro-personalized content journeys. Measure what truly matters—the time each person and account spends on every asset and webpage—right down to the second.

Real-time Nurture

Connect your audience with everything they need, in the moment and binge-ready.

  • Not just a passive hub.

  • More than basic email nurture.

  • Micro-personalized content recommendations anywhere on your website.

  • Bingeable Content Tracks.

Content Consumption Data

Understand whether your marketing content was actually consumed, and which people and accounts consumed it.

  • Not based on clicks.

  • Not based on form fills.

  • Time spent consuming content + rich content metadata.

  • Used to qualify leads, and understand what content and channels are performing.

  • Enable sales with the content consumption of all their leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities.