New Intelligence For Your Content Strategy

Empower your go-to-market team and accelerate the buyer journey with real-time content engagement and buyer insights

A set of content in a track being edited.

Uncover your content’s blind spots

More than 80% of a customer’s time is not with a sales rep. Understand the actual solutions your customers are looking for, what topics interest them, and their place in the sales funnel.

A 360° view of B2B content

Move beyond one simple point solution

PathFactory’s AI-powered content intelligence allows B2B content creators, marketers and sellers to move beyond sharing content with no personalization or relevant messaging. PathFactory provides holistic insight into buyer behavior, content performance and how to leverage it to drive more engagement. Use PathFactory to personalize, build and optimize engaging, custom content experiences for your buyers, while analyzing content consumption behaviors with built-in reporting capabilities.

An eye looking in a fully omnidirectional path.

Measure what matters

Dig deeper into content performance insights

  • Stop relying on vanity metrics like page views, opens and clicks, and start discovering deeper insights about your content like binge rate, topics, and asset types.
  • Gated content debates—gone! Take your visitors on a guided journey of content that is interesting to them, and gate only if needed, converting more unknown visitors to known visitors
  • Create dynamic content experiences for individual buyers and accounts with PathFactory’s content tracks.
  • Reduce content waste by unlocking the secret sauce for your highest-performing content.
A viewer going through a binge, and all of the time they viewed each asset is being tracked.

Dig deeper into content
performance insights

Breathe new life into your content calendar by understanding the content topics, formats, and length that drive the most content consumption.

Connect content
consumption to revenue

Reduce siloed data and get a deeper understanding of how your engagement is leading to ROI with every piece of content produced by integrating PathFactory with your CRM.

Streamline your
customer’s journey

Eliminate the content scavenger hunt by delivering a customized content journey to your buyers that speaks to where they’re at in the sales funnel.

Allow buyers to self-educate
at their own pace

Give your audience the same content experience they’d expect in their personal life. Similar to Netflix and Spotify’s model, allow buyers to ‘binge’ on relevant content served up by AI-powered recommendations.

“PathFactory has increased the velocity of the buyer journey from curiosity to happy customer. It increased the quality, volume and speed of conversions.”

Molly Vorwerck
Head of Content & Communications — Monte Carlo