Don’t Let Your Webinar Event Be A Dead End

Nurture attendees with relevant content as folks are attending your digital events.

A visual representation of a webinar experience.

Next-Generation Virtual Events
& Video Hub

Your online event recordings shouldn’t be buried in a resource center — they should be included as part of interactive, immersive, and valuable content destinations.

A more complete experience

Bundle your videos with complimentary content, making a complete content-rich experience for your buyers.

PathFactory’s Virtual Events and Video Hub makes all parts of your video strategy immersive, long-lasting, and engaging. Whether it’s simu-live events, pre-recorded webinars, event recordings, or promotional videos, use PathFactory to easily bundle your video content with related content, turning passive videos into an interactive experience.

A visual representation of a complete content-rich experience for your buyers.

Cover the full webinar lifecycle

Your registration page with content.


Grab your buyer’s attention by bundling your registration page with content that complements your virtual event experience.

You immersive webinar experience.

During event

Offer an immersive webinar experience while supplementing the sessions with relevant content.

An envelope containing related webinar content being sent to an attendee.


Follow-up with attendees by sharing recordings, slides or related case studies to help them fly through the sales funnel.

Your unlimited, PathFactory video hub.

Evergreen Video Hubs

Recordings and all bundled content is automatically added to your (unlimited) PathFactory video hubs — creating an evergreen content destination!

Not just video

Get fully-customizable video hubs or landing page experiences that enhance your video strategy.

Don’t let your video content fade away in a Resource Center or on YouTube! Implement a fully-customizable video hub and landing page builder that makes your videos a main attraction. The best part? PathFactory offers unlimited video destinations so you can choose between a single video hub or a collection of videos for a specific campaign.

You immersive webinar experience.

Want to see VEX in action?

PathFactory can help bring your virtual events to the next level. Let us show you how.

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Support all parts of the simu-live or recorded event

Support the event lifecycle by bundling valuable related content such as PDF brochures, slideware, product information, or event blog posts at every step.

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Use the tools you
already work with

Use all forms of content and integrate with every tool in the modern tech stack. Zoom, WebEx, YouTube Live, VidYard Live Streaming, Vimeo Livestream, and more!

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Gain analytics beyond registrations and view time

See all content engagement aggregated down to the contact level — helping you generate leads that spend quality time with your content.

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Capture unique
buying signals

Integrate with your MAP and Capture unique buying signals by sending extensive video-engagement data into your contact records.