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Leading enterprise and mid-market B2B companies use PathFactory to accelerate nurture, improve win rates, and understand content performance by delivering intelligent content experiences and virtual events across the buyer’s journey. Using insights and automation to connect people with content, PathFactory removes friction for B2B buyers. Learn how PathFactory’s Intelligent Content Platform works.

PathFactory was recently recognized by Deloitte as one of North America’s 2020 Technology Fast 500 companies. It was also named the Top-Rated Content Marketing Software by TrustRadius, a Content Experience Leader by G2, and a Cool Vendor in Technology Marketing by Gartner.

Gartner Cool Vendor in Technology Marketing

Gartner analysts named PathFactory one of three Cool Vendors in Technology Marketing.

Removing friction from B2B marketing and sales at every stage of the customer journey
PathFactory leadership team
Our experienced senior leadership team keeps our growing team on the path to success. They unite us in our mission to make marketing better and delight our customers every step of the way.
Headshot of Dev Ganesan
Dev Ganesan
President and CEO
Headshot of Helen Baptist
Helen Baptist
Chief Operating Officer
Headshot of Nick Edouard
Nick Edouard
Chief Product Officer
Headshot of Dwayne Walker
Dwayne Walker
Chief Financial Officer
Bhanu Mohanty
Chief Technology Officer
Headshot of Daniel Ng
Daniel Ng
Vice President of Engineering
Board of directors
We’re fortunate to have some of the smartest minds in marketing and technology – people who have been here and done this – in our corner as trusted advisors.
Headshot of Jamie Egasti
Jamie Egasti
Chairman, PathFactory
Headshot of Gregg Michaelson
Gregg Michaelson
Operating Partner, Edison Partners
Rick Huff headshot
Rick Huff
Managing Partner, Huff Capital
Headshot of Dev Ganesan
Dev Ganesan
President & CEO, PathFactory
Headshot of Mark Attila Opauszky
Mark Attila Opauszky
Founder, PathFactory