For Website Owners

“What I love about Website Tools is that it intelligently determines the very best, most relevant content and recommends it for every individual user. It is a dream come true for digital marketing, as it automates a lot of what we are trying to accomplish every day.”

Joseph Puthussery

Former Vice President, Global Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing, Insights and Analytics at Cisco

Seamlessly move visitors through their customer journey

Pin important content, use AI-based recommendations, or a combination of both. Create a tailored content journey on every visit that includes all content and web pages. No surgery on your CMS required!

1:1 personal experiences

Go beyond rules-based macro-personalization (based on demographics or firmographics). Layer on 1:1 personal experiences, which use consumption data and content metadata to let visitors pick back up where they left off and receive hyper-personalized content recommendations, just like Netflix and YouTube.

Website journey tracking and analytics

Track the individual journey of every visitor and account through your website content and beyond, passing the data to your marketing automation, CRM, and business intelligence systems so you can report on visitors, accounts, and content performance.

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PathFactory Tour

Curious what PathFactory looks like under the hood? Ready to see it in action but not quite ready to talk to a sales person yet? We get it and we’ve got you covered. Join us for a PathFactory Tour: a quick 15 minute walk through Campaign Tools. See how you can serve more content behind every click and measure how long your audience spends consuming it with PathFactory’s Campaign Tools.