For Marketing Operations

“PathFactory can be used in almost any circumstance where a prospect is delivered marketing content. You can think of the tool as a way to expand your prospect’s exposure to the right content wherever you might be delivering them to a dead-end previously.”

Rich Copenhagen

Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations at Sysdig

Real content consumption data

Stop qualifying and segmenting leads based on clicks and form fills. Focus on real minutes and seconds spent consuming content to identify warm leads more accurately.

Give sales clear insight

Show Sales the exact content consumption of every individual, account, and opportunity. Alert them when a person of interest spends meaningful time with your content. Enable them to prioritize their time based on who is truly engaged.

Engagement-based forms

Serve forms based on:

  • Time spent on asset

  • Number of assets viewed

  • Whether visitor is known or unknown

Use the same form in many places, and choose whether it’s optional or mandatory for leads to fill out. BYOF (Bring Your Own Form) or use ours, your choice.

Save time

Build fewer landing pages, and redundant forms. Deploy new content quickly and easily. We integrate with pretty much everything in modern marketing tech stack.

“We now score leads based on their engagement with assets in PathFactory rather than simply relying on clicks or downloads–and we’ve seen impressive lifts in our lead funnel performance.”
Mervyn Alamgir
Senior Director, Digital Marketing
TIBCO Software
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PathFactory Tour

Curious what PathFactory looks like under the hood? Ready to see it in action but not quite ready to talk to a sales person yet? We get it and we’ve got you covered. Join us for a PathFactory Tour: a quick 15 minute walk through Campaign Tools. See how you can serve more content behind every click and measure how long your audience spends consuming it with PathFactory’s Campaign Tools.