For Marketing Leaders

“PathFactory understands the user experience and creates products that have many use-cases. There’s no feature that goes unused – it all works together seamlessly and has a place in any content marketing strategy.”

Valerie Castillo

VP of Marketing at TrustYou

Remove friction from your customer journey

B2B marketing is rife with friction. Marketers frustrate our audience when we distribute content on our terms, inconsistently distribute content across channels, and bury important content deep within websites, or worse fail to deliver it at all.

Embrace your B2B audience’s B2C expectations

Deliver the same kind of real-time experience your audience is used to in their consumer lives with platforms like Netflix & Spotify. With B2B buyers doing 67% of their research independently, it’s more important than ever before to micro-personalize the journey for each individual buyer using AI that responds their preferences.

Maximize revenue across the entire customer lifecycle

By prescriptively giving prospects and customers access to all the information they need, you’ll increase funnel performance, boost customer adoption, and create new opportunities for expansion through cross-sell and upsell.

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The expectations of B2B buyers have changed radically. Unfortunately, B2B websites have not. For the B2B Visionaries Series we invited the industry’s top digital experts and marketing leaders to demystify current dot com dilemmas and the roadmap to take your website from Blockbuster to Netflix.