For Demand Generation

“We use PathFactory to drive acquisition and conversion by creating an integrated and contextual experience personalized to our buyer, and help our content team make better decisions. PathFactory also gives Sales insight into what their prospects are engaging with.”
Kathleen Wong
Growth Marketing Manager at Fiix Software

Portrait of Kathleen Wong, Growth Marketing Manager at Fiix Software

Increase funnel performance

Accelerate the content journey by allowing your audience to self-nurture after every click to content from any channel. Qualify leads based on actual content consumption. Because an educated lead is more likely to make a purchase—a bigger purchase, and a faster one.

Nurture on every channel

Nurture buyers on every channel—not just email—by allowing leads to easily advance their own journeys at their own pace. Transform the website from static content to an always-on nurture engine through micro-personalized recommendations.

An animated view from the perspective of a visitor to - the mouse interacts with a recommendation window built into the bottom right hand corner of the page that guides the user through multiple pieces of recommended content.

Optimize campaigns on the fly

Quickly uncover which assets are top performing, so they can replace bottom performers. Make changes to content, forms, and styling that boost campaign performance quickly and easily.

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PathFactory Tour

Curious what PathFactory looks like under the hood? Ready to see it in action but not quite ready to talk to a sales person yet? We get it and we’ve got you covered. Join us for a PathFactory Tour: a quick 15 minute walk through Campaign Tools. See how you can serve more content behind every click and measure how long your audience spends consuming it with PathFactory’s Campaign Tools.