A Website Journey You Want To Take

AI-driven website personalization that drives longer site visits, more page views, and enjoyable self-guided journeys

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Personalization is key

80% of visitors are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences, but 77% of B2B marketing organizations struggle with effective content delivery and activation

It’s not the size that matters

What is the point of all your content if it can’t be found by those looking for it?

New visitors rarely find what they need on a website quickly and easily. Resource centers are hundreds of pages deep, and blogs go back years; it’s usually not the amount of content that is a problem, it’s just hard for buyers to find the right assets. This friction can lead to low conversions, high bounce rates, and short visit times. PathFactory enables buyers by activating ondemand, personalized, and targeted content experiences, making each visit the start of a meaningful journey.

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Personalize each viewers journey

Develop micro-personalized website content journeys at scale

Enabling buyers means helping visitors self-educate quickly. The best way to do that is with AI- driven personalization that is easy to manage. PathFactory updates pages dynamically, serving relevant next-best content recommendations for every visitor with no intervention by the Marketing Team.

A computer showing a website and all of its content that is being crawled, which creates tags and groups of the content. Once this is done the next best asset is provided to the viewer.
A yellow play button icon representing On-Demand content experiences

On-Demand content

From product pages to PDFs, serve up relevant content to the right person at the right time.

A teal search bar icon representing Assessing beyond relevance

Assess beyond

Gain even more information about your content including SEO gaps and accessibility issues.

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Analyze your content and your recommendations, and see the lift in time-on-site and page-views.

Our binge rate for the content included in the AI recommendation tracks was up from 9% to 12%. We see that PathFactory works, and we will rely on it heavily in the future.

Rob Stanley
Director of Marketing Operations — CallMiner

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