Provide Personalized Content Experiences

Accelerate the buyer journey by connecting buyers with the most-relevant content

A visual representation of personalized content experiences.

AI-Powered Content Recommendations

Accelerate revenue growth by enabling marketers to serve intelligent and personalized marketing content experiences that remove friction from the buyer journey.

End the scavenger hunt

56% of customers expect to find what they need from a company in three clicks or less

PathFactory’s AI-powered content intelligence puts an end to the dreaded content scavenger hunt. By enabling B2B companies to provide personalized content experiences that help buyers find the right content at the right time, PathFactory helps accelerates the buyer journey by connecting buyers with the most-relevant content for their stage in the buyer journey. The result? Frictionless buyer journeys and quicker purchase decisions.

A visual representation of a customer clicking six times.

Organize the way you like

Control the B2B content journey with Target and Recommend tracks.

Organize related and relevant content into Target or Recommend tracks depending on if you want to give your buyers a specific content journey, or you want to leverage AI-powered content recommendations.

A visual representation of a customized B2B content journey.
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funnel velocity

Accelerate the buyer journey by allowing your audience to self-nurture the way they want, while gaining insight into how they’re progressing.

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Nurture buyers when
and where they want

Go beyond email drip campaigns and launch omnichannel nurture programs that allow prospects to self-educate at their own pace.

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Learn more
about your buyer

Unlock individual- and account-level data about your buyers that standard web analytics platforms can’t provide, like intent signals.

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Put an end to
static web pages

Transform your website into a lead gen engine by providing micro-personalized recommendations using Target and Explore Tracks.