End one-size-fits-all marketing

Content intelligence ensures you reach your target accounts with the right information at the right time through personalized content experiences.

Stop making your buyers hunt for content

Automate ABM on your website and create consensus in the buying committee by creating account-specific content journeys for each visitor — giving your buyers an experience that reflects what they’re looking for.

A traditional take on marketing and sales. It is a broken system where marketing identifies and then hands the potential buyer over to the sales team to close the sale


A new take on marketing and sales. It is a connected with the customer at the center. Marketing is constantly messaging while sales is constantly using intelligence so both teams can bring the sale to a close


Scale your ABM programs

AI-powered content intelligence allows B2B marketers and sellers to move beyond one simple point solution.

Most ABM solutions available today personalize content offers to accounts, geographies, and industries across your digital channels. Unfortunately, the experience after the initial click is rarely personalized to the person or account. PathFactory changes that.

A marketer holding a phone with a target account on the screen with an ABM plan being displayed

A tailored experience

Provide a personalized experience after the initial click and stand out from your competition.

  • Build personalized journeys for your accounts or individual buyers that offer AI-powered content recommendations that promote ‘bingeing’.
  • Build tailored landing pages — complete with your target account’s logo
    — in minutes, saving you hours of development time.
  • Segment and route your prospects to relevant content experiences based on characteristics like  account name, industry, geography, or company size (or just import them from 6sense).
  • Understand how your buyers are consuming your content at a deeper level, and know what topics they find interesting.
A targeted buyer with a custom nurture track

ABM content creation
and delivery at scale

Package up account-specific content, or map existing content to the right account, without IT, Web Development or excessive Marketing Ops workload.

Understand content
consumption by account

Determine your accounts that are the most sales ready, and which topics and assets are resonating with them.

Recommendations that
get smarter over time

Go beyond the initial content offer and build AI-powered content journeys tailored to each individual at every stage of the journey.

account identification

All PathFactory subscriptions include 6sense Account Identification at no additional charge, so you can gain account- and individual-level details about your buyers.

Go beyond the ABM landing page

ABM is just the beginning. Templated Experiences enables you to build personalized landing pages with AI-recommended content for every buyer. Watch a quick demo, or take a deeper dive into how Templated Experiences can help you at every stage of the buyer journey here.