Content Experiences To Accelerate Buyer Journeys

PathFactory Website Tools lets you add personalized sections to your website, without sacrificing page layouts or requiring redesigns

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Remove buyer friction with relevant content

Prospective buyers visit B2B websites to find content that guides them through the sales funnel. PathFactory’s AI-powered content recommendations seamlessly move your audience through their buyer journey, while providing personalized experiences that are completely trackable.

Personalize your buyers journey

80% of customers are more likely to buy from a company that provides a tailored experience

PathFactory’s AI-powered content intelligence allows you to generate personalized content journeys for your individual buyers and target accounts. Give your buyers highly-relevant content experiences by recommending next best assets to consume based on recent visitor history, industry, and trending topics.

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A visual diagram of PathFactory's intelligent content platform. Content intelligence on the left, and content activation on the right.
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No logic or coding is required to get started with PathFactory. Our experts handle everything!

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Ramp up your
ABM programs

Discover new insights about individual buyers, and find out which prospects are ready to buy by tracking account-level content consumption data.

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Share only the
most-relevant content

PathFactory’s recommendation engine crawls your website’s content, extracts page topics, and automatically generates relevant recommendations.

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Integrate with
other solutions

Are you a 6Sense or Demandbase customer? PathFactory integrates and enhances the intent data you’re already capturing from third-party tools.