Time To Nurture The Sophisticated Way

Setting up a real time nurture journey is quick, easy, and provides unmatched engagement data.

A representation of nurture with a sales funnel, clock, email, and messaging.

Educate your buyers

Real time nurturing is about educating buyers whenever and wherever they are engaging with content, taking an omni-channel approach, and allowing them to binge on content with a single click.

Stop over-relying on emails

Let your readers consume your content at their own pace

Marketers typically think of nurture as email drip campaigns, sending a series of emails week-after-week, but in a world where inboxes are overflowing, and most of your addressable market is not opted-in to receive emails, it’s time to take a more sophisticated approach. 

PathFactory enables you to deliver hyper relevant content to your buyer, thoughtfully packaged by you, or recommended through AI and machine learning, to drive buyers through their journey based on what is relevant to them. 

A over flowing email inbox converting into a PathFactory content track.

Unmatched data

Gain true insights on engagement and sales readiness across your visitors and accounts

  • True omni-channel personalized nurture experiences allow you to deliver the content your buyers want across multiple channels throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
  • Setting up campaigns is quick and easy, and the engagement data you get is unmatched.
  • Add value by providing deeper content intelligence & actionable insights.
  • Understand overall account penetration, content performance, ROI, and impact on pipeline generation and revenue.
A graphic representation of PathFactory's data of your content and site.
Make it easy for visitors icon

Make it easy for visitors

Serve up the right content on the right channel at the right time in the buyer journey and make it easier for visitors make an informed decision.

Convert unknown to known icon

Convert unknown to known

Convert unknown visitors to known engagers with tracking, AI, and analytics.

Reduce clicks-to-content icon

Reduce clicks-to-content

Eliminate content scavenger hunts by delivering relevant content curated by you or AI and machine learning.

Level up your marketing icon

Level up your marketing

Boost post-sales and customer marketing by keeping track of the content your viewers are consuming.

Discovering who on the account side was engaging with the content enabled the sales team to begin their outreach with the most relevant message.

Jen Leaver
Senior Global ABM Manager — Bazaarvoice

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