Align And Enable Your Go-To-Market Teams

Simply put, sellers need to sell, buyers need to buy, and enablement helps make this possible

A graphic representation of enabling your teams.

Help at every stage

Surface known and anonymous account activity, provide sellers and marketers with data and insights to inform next-best actions and enable them to quickly create personalized content pages for buying groups

Easily educate your buyers

With bingable and relevant experiences, accelerate their journey and remove friction

  • Provide relevant packages of content to remove deadends.
  • Utilize AI and Machine Learning to recommend the best-suited content based on each individual.
  • Remove unnecessary friction points from your buyer’s journey.
A key customer being fed a solid ABM strategy

Provide needed sales insights

In real-time, arm them with the ability to have timely and relevant conversations with truly engaged buyers based on engagement and signals

  • Notify sales in real time of when their target accounts are engaging.
  • Showcase content and topics that hot and  cultivate highly relevant conversations.
  • Prioritize outreach based on the most engaged accounts.
  • Remove unnecessary friction points from your buyer’s journey.
Sales enablement visualized. A happy sales person with access to the tools and learning needed to push customers through the funnel to a sale.

Empower your revenue teams

Leverage your own first-party buying signals know what the next best action is to take

  • Utilize buying signals in real-time to understand buyer engagement with content, the growing buying committee and topics of interest.
  • Compose personalized and branded 1:1, 1:few, or 1:many buyer sites for accounts, contacts, and visitors.
  • Serve up unique sets of content for each buyer site based on user behavior or selection, through manually defined rules, or with AI-generated content recommendations.
Revenue enablement visualized. A customer going through functions and services in a frictionless way.
Focus your sales efforts icon

Focus your
sales efforts

Gain access to real-time buying signals with content across your website, campaigns, and 3rd party content.

Personalized and branded experiences icon

Personalized and
branded experiences

Create personalized 1:1, 1:few, or 1:many buyer microsites for accounts, contacts, and visitors.

A data-driven approach icon

A data-driven

Serve up unique sets of content based on behavior or selection and through manually defined rules.

Keep your content relevant icon

Keep your
content relevant

Your prospects are only seeing content resources that resonate with them by matching the best-performing content journeys to your targeted accounts.

Understand buyer activity icon

buyer activity

Let it be account, opportunity, or individual contact level, know who is part of an account or buying group, and what content they consume.

PathFactory is used in almost any circumstance where a prospect is delivered content, stopping exposure to dead-end content.

Rich Copenhagen
Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations at Sysdig

Rich Copenhagen