Revenue Intelligence for Your Entire GTM Team

Align your go-to-market teams with a holistic view of your buyer from the moment you grab their attention to closed-won deal

A visual representation of a holistic view of your buyer.

Accelerate Deal Cycles

PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence provides powerful insights on buyer signals and content consumption that enable sales and other revenue teams to take meaningful action.

Make it easy

Access to content, assets, and communication best suited for that next step in the sales process.

By understanding exactly what content is being consumed by your buyers, teams can prioritize outreach and have more impact in their communications by serving the most relevant content. According to Gartner, only 17% of a buyer’s time is spent meeting with potential suppliers. In an increasingly crowded market, it’s essential to make that limited time count.

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The key piece of information

Utilize 1st party buying signals surfaced through content intelligence

Content engagement and consumption data by buyer or account is the key piece of information missing from the majority of targeting strategies. PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence provides this information joined with actionable buying signals for your revenue teams to act on, such as:

  • Best performing content assets by topics and tagging
  • Content consumed within a targeted account and buying committee
  • Accounts or opportunities with recent content engagement by funnel stage
  • Growth in the buying committee
  • Acceleration through pipe stages
  • Reduction in the total number of touches (email, phone, meetings)
  • Percentage of closed won deals

Whether at the account, contact, lead, or opportunity level, all data is accessible right in Salesforce, Eloqua, and other tools that your teams use every day.

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A visual of a buyer.


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Sales Rep


Marketers can curate tracks of content or create templated microsite experiences for various personas, industries, and use cases that help sales reps deliver a compelling content journey every time.


Sales teams can clearly see which of their accounts and potential buyers are spending time with that content to then prioritize their outreach and have meaningful, contextually relevant conversations. They can leverage the templates built by marketing and personalize the experience and content included to engage buyers and keep a competitive edge.

Buying signals icon

Prioritize and focus
sales efforts

Buying signals provided in real-time by understanding buyer engagement with content across your website, campaigns, and 3rd party content

Personalized buyer microsites icon

buyer microsites

Compose personalized and branded 1:1, 1:few, or 1:many buyer microsites for accounts, contacts, and visitors based on engagement data at scale with templated experiences

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Serve based
on behaviour

Serve up unique sets of content for each buyer site based on user behaviour or selection, through manually defined rules, or with AI-generated content recommendations

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Give what they
want and need

Match the best performing content journeys to your targeted accounts