How Monte Carlo improved deal velocity

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The Results With PathFactory


Increase in return bingers


form submissions from their “Product Tour” content track


of visitors looking at more than one asset


Accelerate lead generation by connecting buyers with the right content

Monte Carlo, the data observability category creator, had a popular blog churning out several pieces of content weekly, but as their category leadership evolved, they needed a way to better understand what content was resonating with their audience and capture intent.

Monte Carlo published content on their WordPress blog and distributed it on organic channels like email, social media and blogging platforms. As Molly Vorwerck, who leads content and communications at Monte Carlo, puts it “the whole distribution process was manual. There wasn’t an option to share content in a way that was both seamless for the reader and captured intent, so it took a lot of work to attribute content’s impact on lead generation, brand awareness, and demo requests for organic assets.”

The team knew that blog content was key to generating leads and booking meetings based on anecdotes from prospects, and the best way to do this was to get the right content in front of the right person, at the right time. PathFactory would be vital to connect the dots between these three motions.


Use PathFactory to distribute content across multiple new channels

Using PathFactory, Monte Carlo went from exclusively focusing on email and social media as distribution channels to an omnichannel experience, expanding their audience in the process.

The team started by moving all their content into PathFactory tracks, then linked to the tracks from their websites Resources, Product Tour, and Case Studies pages.

“Leveraging Recommend tracks and Explore pages allowed us to better categorize our on-demand content, which improved our organic traffic conversion rate,” said Michael Segner, senior content marketing manager, Monte Carlo. “Better categorization also allowed us to be more strategic and granular with our form strategy. We can put a hard early gate on our high value assets like eBooks while setting up softer dismissable pop ups for demo requests for visitors who are consuming a large amount of our ungated resources.”

They also created specific tracks exclusively for ad campaigns meant to drive potential leads to hyper-relevant packages of content. The team can now see if a visit to the website or a content track resulted in a form fill or demo request. On top of that, the sales team can view content consumption data in near-real time, allowing them to reach out to prospects immediately.

By using PathFactory content tracks to package up helpful resources and product demo videos, potential customers can learn more about Monte Carlo at their own pace. With over 300 form submissions for this content track alone between Q2 and Q4, 2022, it was clear that buyers preferred the content packages as opposed to the previous one-off gated content assets. Of particular note, their Product Tour track generated over 1,000 submissions over the course of a year and quickly became one of their highest converting assets.

“PathFactory has increased the velocity of the buyer journey from curiosity to happy customer. It increased the quality, volume and speed of conversions.“
Molly Vorwerck
Head of Content & Communications
Monte Carlo