Accelerating Lead Generation: Nexthink’s Journey to Faster Sales Opportunities with PathFactory

The Results With PathFactory


lift in engagement time


increase in average session time in 2023


increase in binge rate in 2023


How to effectively generate sales-ready leads

Nexthink specializes in digital employee experience management. Their software helps IT departments to shape smart and productive workplaces. Bringing clarity to the IT department through a unique combination of real-time analytics, automations, and employee feedback.

Nexthink faced a common challenge in the B2B space – how to effectively generate sales-ready leads based on the content that potential customers engaged with. A key problem revolved around accelerating the lead qualification process in order to provide warm leads to their sales team faster. This ultimately reduces the time to convert leads into opportunities. The traditional approach of using gated landing pages with forms proved to be a bottleneck in their lead generation process.

Nexthink needed a solution that would enable them to:

– Eliminate form fills for contacts they already had information on.
– Provide a seamless and engaging content experience for their leads.
– Efficiently nurture their leads through personalized content journeys.
– Utilize outbound email and nurture strategies effectively.


Use PathFactory to track pipeline through engagement metrics

The team adopted PathFactory to generate sales-ready leads based on content that the lead engages with. Nexthink streamlined lead generation with PathFactory by removing form gates for contacts with existing information, creating a frictionless experience for their potential customers.

Nexthink took a proactive approach to their content strategy. With the Digital Employee Experience for Dummies ebook, Nexthink broke the resource down into individual chapters. Each chapter was then featured in a track on the sidebar of their PathFactory instance. This approach encouraged lead engagement, and Nexthink was able to track not only the overall engagement but also which chapters performed better than others. By tracking which leads were engaging with which pieces of content, Nexthink delivered relevant content faster to leads.

PathFactory seamlessly integrated with Nexthink’s existing marketing technology stack, including Marketo and Salesforce. Through these integrations, Nexthink gained better visibility into lead engagement and its impact on their sales pipeline. They could attribute specific engagement to revenue, providing a clear ROI on their content marketing efforts.

By eliminating form fills and nurturing leads through personalized content experiences, Nexthink accelerated their lead qualification process, leading to quicker transitions to opportunities. By embracing innovative approaches and leveraging Pathfactory’s capabilities, Nexthink successfully transformed their lead generation process, reduced time to opportunities, and gained valuable insights into their audience’s preferences.

“With PathFactory, we now have clear visibility on how visitors engage with our content. We know what our users find interesting and can serve up more bingeable content.”
Jennifer Fields
Sr. Demand Generation Marketing Manager