Anthology’s Website Revolution Through Personalization and Content Intelligence

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increase in binge behavior
40% of them returning for subsequent visits

increase in average time spent on their website overall
increase in page views with AI-driven content recommendations

Introducing Anthology’s Website Revolution

Anthology offers the largest EdTech ecosystem on a global scale for education, supporting more than 150 million users in 80 countries. They serve a diverse audience with high expectations.

Anthology knew they had to keep up with customer expectations and revolutionize their website to provide an engaging experience. With research showing customers want to find what they need in three clicks or less, Anthology set out to transform their website from a dated landing page to a modern, personalized, and user-friendly digital platform.


Outdated Metrics and Unengaged Visitors

Relying on the basic traditional website metrics like page views and bounce rate, Anthology needed a fresh approach to engage users and measure their engagement effectively. They wanted a deeper understanding of their content and the visitors that were engaging with it, including:

  • Is the content that is being recommended relevant to the audience?
  • Can visitor data differentiate between known engaged visitors and unknown visitors?
  • Based on this data, what is the best content journey most likely to result in a conversion?


Personalized Content, Insights, and Results

With PathFactory’s Website Tools, Anthology was able to personalize content, gain valuable insights, and see amazing results.

They now have a strategic approach to content development and promotion and their customers love it. With the dynamic form deployment and intelligent content analysis, they have seen the “wow factor” in action. It’s clear, Website Tools was the perfect answer for Anthology’s website revolution.

According to Douglas Calvelage, Sr. Director of Global Demand and Digital Marketing at Anthology, “We had better insights into account-based metrics and were able to plot our customer journey with more confidence.” And the results speak for themselves – Anthology plans to continue using Website Tools beyond their 2-year term and expand their usage to fully maximize each tool’s capabilities.

The bottom line? Website Tools is the real deal, delivering highly engaging and personalized content recommendation with its intelligent content analysis that wows users time and time again.

Why PathFactory’s Website Tools?

Anthology selected PathFactory’s Website Tools for its ability to deliver highly-personalized experiences to users based on their unique behaviors. With Website Tools, Anthology could provide visitors with relevant and informative content that matches their interests, keeping them actively engaged and interested. Here are the Website Tools features that Anthology used to address their business challenge:

  • Website Tools analytics provided actionable metrics instilling confidence in their strategy and decision-making.
  • Website Tools’ intelligent content analysis provided insights into best-performing content, helpful for keeping the content evergreen and relevant.
  • Plus, onsite AI-driven content recommendations to keep visitors engaged with the content they need to make a buying decision.
A visual showing a collection of website tools PathFactory offers.
This case study was created by Heinz Marketing on behalf of PathFactory through a series of independently conducted customer interviews among PathFactory’s Website Tools customers. Heinz Marketing conducted customer interviews without the presence of any PathFactory personnel for unbiased and accurate responses among PathFactory Website Tools customers.