How Bazaarvoice Elevated Their ABM Strategy Using Content Intelligence

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The Results With PathFactory


Increase in pipeline generation.


Increase in opportunities created.


Increase in revenue won.


Bazaarvoice’s sales, marketing, and customer success teams needed to implement an ABM strategy and align on a common goal: revenue.

Before Jen Leaver joined Bazaarvoice as their Senior Manager, Global ABM, the company was experiencing a lack of alignment between their sales, marketing and customer success teams. Jen was tasked with building and implementing an ABM strategy, enabling all three teams to strive towards the same goals. Jen knew she would have to get the sales team on board, so she started providing account-specific data to the sales reps, and empowered them to start thinking about their accounts through a different lens: their intent to purchase through content intelligence data.


Content intelligence provided the data the sales team needed to identify prospects with a high intent to purchase.

During their shift to an ABM strategy, Bazaarvoice leveraged PathFactory data to learn more about their current and prospective accounts’ content consumption habits. Using PathFactory, the sales and marketing teams could see which accounts engaged with the most content, how long they were spending on the content, and how many assets were being consumed. This was the key to understanding where accounts were in the buying process, as well as which accounts had the highest intent to purchase.

Content intelligence allowed Bazaarvoice to:

  • Understand which stage of the buying process their customers were in, so the sales team could know the correct messaging to employ depending on the customer’s intent to purchase.

  • Enhance contact-level insights that were being provided to the sales team. Instead of high-level, aggregated data around content consumption, the sales team could now see consumption patterns on an account- or individual-level.

  • Focus on generating MQAs instead of MQLs.


“[With PathFactory] we served up customer reports to our sales team, so they could see engagement across all content tracks in-market and had the ability to drill down to the individual contact level. Discovering who on the account side was engaging with the content enabled the sales team to begin their outreach with the most relevant message.”
Jen Leaver
Senior Global ABM Manager
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