How Campaign Tools helped an identity verification company accelerate sales

The Results With PathFactory


lift in engagement time


new accounts engaged in 2022


Lack of visibility into content engagement by prospective buyers

The company aims to make the internet safer by leveraging advanced technology, including AI, biometrics, machine learning, liveness detection and automation. Based in Palo Alto, the company has global offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Before PathFactory, the content team educated customers and prospects with e-books, blogs, videos and infographics. With a lead generation strategy based on gating high-value assets and marketing drip campaigns, the team depended on form fills and PDF downloads. Ultimately, the team didn’t have a straightforward way to effectively package relevant content to educate and nurture their customers and potential buyers, while tracking engagement metrics like time spent and binge rates.

Without deeper insight into which content results in the most conversion, it was challenging for the team to decide what to create or if they should invest in expensive features like Gartner Industry reports.


Enhance Strategy with Campaign Tools and Content Analysis

After implementing Campaign Tools, the team saw a significant lift in views and engagement by leveraging their most engaging content. The identity verification company saw a 35% increase in engagement time in Q1 2023. PathFactory helped the team create relevant content journeys so prospects were more prepared for sales conversations or demos.

Visibility into the time spent on an asset and additional assets helped the team decide which content to invest in next. Using PathFactory, the team measured ROI for their 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Identity Proofing campaign. With higher than average sessions and a 27% binge rate, this content track achieved high performance across many channels.

Based on insights and data from PathFactory, the company’s team has recently updated their ‘Buyer’s Guide’, adding an ebook, an ROI calculator, and a case study within a content track. This new iteration of the guide saw a 64% binge rate and remains a highly visited content experience.

“With PathFactory, we achieved an 80% completion rate for our explainer videos. We now produce two-minute product explainers for each campaign, recognizing their resonance with potential buyers.”
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