How Certinia Found Success Using AI and Personalization


Increase in total accounts engaged on their website vs the previous quarter

more page views and 7.3x longer web sessions and an increase in repeat visitors in Q1 of 2022
longer per session than visitors who did not engage in recommended content
content binge rate and 31.8% visitor binge rate after a full year of using Website Tools

Revamping Certinia’s Website Experience:
A New Approach

Certinia (formerly FinancialForce) is a complete Services-as-a-Business (SaaB) solution that covers service delivery, finance, and customer success. Based out of San Francisco, they have offices across the globe, serving different audiences with varying challenges and needs.

As a global company, Certinia realized that improving the website experience was crucial to increasing customer engagement, improving customer service, and driving sales. Upon analyzing their content strategy, they discovered the challenge of identifying content that would effectively capture the attention of potential customers. Given their longstanding relationship with PathFactory, they turned to the company’s newest solution, Website Tools, for a fresh approach to revamp their website experience.


Encouraging Repeat Visits and Curating Relevant Content Journeys

In recent years, Certinia’s focus has shifted to encouraging website visitors to consume more than two assets in a session, a strategy commonly known as “content bingeing.” By extending the length of sessions, they aimed to convert current visitors into repeat visitors. However, they encountered difficulties in offering a user-friendly digital experience to their website visitors while collecting valuable data points from returning visitors. In response to these challenges, Certinia utilized PathFactory’s Website Tools to gain insights and address the following questions:

  • Can the content effectively entice visitors to return to the website, and does it address the buyer’s specific needs throughout their journey?
  • Does the content meet the standards of being both relevant and engaging to the audience?
  • Does the website offer a user-friendly and streamlined experience for its visitors?
  • How can we gain insights beyond the typical metrics provided by web analytics tools to fully comprehend the impact of our content on pipeline growth?


Increased Content Bingeing and Better Metrics Through AI and Personalization

From content struggles to customer delight, Certinia’s journey with Website Tools demonstrated a success story utilizing the power of AI and personalization. Thanks to Website Tools, Certinia is now able to provide personalized content recommendations that increase engagement, accelerate the buyer journey, and drive pipeline growth—all without strenuous website redesigns and developer support.

Overall, Certinia was exceptionally pleased with their experience and is looking forward to continuing their partnership with PathFactory thanks to Website Tools features and amazing customer support. Don’t just take our word for it – according to Spencer Dorcik, Director of Digital Marketing, “Nothing about our experience with PathFactory has made us want to go out and find alternatives, so this is the tool we want to use for now and in the future.”

Why PathFactory’s Website Tools?

Certinia selected PathFactory’s Website Tools for its ability to deliver highly-personalized experiences to users based on their unique behaviors. With Website Tools, Certinia could provide visitors with relevant and informative content that matches their interests, keeping them actively engaged and interested. Here are the Website Tools features that Certinia used to address their business challenge:

  • Website Tools analytics provided actionable metrics instilling confidence in their strategy and decision-making.
  • Website Tools’ intelligent content analysis provided insights into best-performing content, helpful for keeping the content evergreen and relevant.
  • Plus, onsite AI-driven content recommendations to keep visitors engaged with the content they need to make a buying decision.
A visual showing a collection of website tools PathFactory offers.
This case study was created by Heinz Marketing on behalf of PathFactory through a series of independently conducted customer interviews among PathFactory’s Website Tools customers. Heinz Marketing conducted customer interviews without the presence of any PathFactory personnel for unbiased and accurate responses among PathFactory Website Tools customers.