Aligning Your Go-To-Market Teams: Why Is It So Freakin’ Hard? – Chapter 2 



Enablement helps your go-to-market team articulate the what, the how, and the value of your offering. Clear understanding from the team immediately translates to the buyer comprehending what they can expect from the solution. This builds a long term roadmap for faster conversions, better adoption, and retention; together. Together, communication and action is the cornerstone of selling smart.

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According to Gartner, only 17% of the buying process involves an actual sales rep. The sales org must ensure buyers are coming to discovery calls close to making a purchasing decision. Does your sales team know what content will get them there? With most content going unused, sales and marketing should align on the buyers to prioritize, what to say to them, and when.

Whether it’s standalone blog posts, or a robust resource center, content is central to how your buyers find information they need about your product or solution. Trying to understand the success of your enablement strategy without content intelligence is like trying to figure out if your car has broken down without a set of keys.

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By adding content intelligence to the mix, you gain insight into the content and resources that are engaging your stakeholders.

An enablement strategy powered by content intelligence allows businesses to:

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Group, tag, and
share content by knowledge level.

Create relevant content recommendations and tags for different segments, measure engagement for both technical and business-focused teams and resurrect those buried assets.

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Create targeted content tracks.

Choose who can see certain content assets by defining access parameters so you can be confident your audience is getting the most-relevant message.

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Develop valuable revenue intelligence.

If content intelligence captures your buyers’ content consumption, revenue intelligence provides insight into how your content contributes to pipeline growth—and helps you turn those insights into repeatable revenue.

Content is the most-important pillar when enabling your buyers to self-educate. It makes sense to invest in solutions that help you understand who is consuming your content, and what types and topics resonate most—not just at the account level, but at the individual level as well. PathFactory not only identifies the accounts that are in-market, but also captures known and unknown engagement from individuals at that account.

One team, one data set!

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