Aligning Your Go-To-Market Teams: Why Is It So Freakin’ Hard?

From TOFU to retention, here’s the path to strong alignment between teams


Organizations win when teams embrace a holistic go-to-market strategy. But many companies still struggle with silos between crucial revenue-generating teams: sales, marketing, and customer support. By aligning these three teams, you’re not only breaking down the infamous walls of division, you’re also laying the foundation for new workflows and shared customer insights, while working towards the main goal: revenue.

A split-coloured background.


A marketer finally connecting to the sales team effectively


Some benefits of a strong GTM alignment include:

A unified view of a customer with insights.

A better experience.

We know that the buying cycle has changed. Buyers are typically not engaging with a human being until they are well into the discovery and evaluation process. With a unified view of buyer and customer insights, your teams can now align on the same signals, take action, and understand what the audience is looking for. This largely applies to content and the buyer’s ability to self-nurture through their buyer journey.

A customer viewing relevant content.

Less content waste.

The Content Marketing Institute found that 60-70% of content is never used. Because teams create content in silos, they are not aligned on the vision for the content or the needs of the audience. Sharing data about the customer will allow content marketers to hone in on exactly what each buyer needs at any given time, so they can focus on developing the most relevant content.

An acquired, higher quality lead.

Higher quality leads.

We know the drill: Marketing’s job is to find leads, qualify them, and send them to sales. Sales’ job is to turn the lead into a customer. Customer Success (CS) then adds value, retains and grows the account. But when the relay isn’t working, it’s because of a disconnect at the source; in an ecosystem where the teams aren’t aligned, there is little consensus on the ICP, the goals, and the ideal journey for these prospects. If everyone has skin in the game, there is a much higher conversion and retention rate.




PathFactory’s focus is the importance of content. We’ll guide you through PathFactory’s use cases specifically designed to help both sales and marketing provide better customer experiences, drive revenue growth, and build pipeline with quality leads—all using the power of content intelligence:


Sales and marketing alignment doesn’t have to be difficult.

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