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Why The Adobe-Marketo News Unlocks Exciting New Options For Marketers

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Adobe Marketo acquisition news. The team here at PathFactory has been abuzz with excitement since the speculation started and the historic news was finally announced yesterday.

Marketo is arguably the leading independent marketing automation platform. Adobe is the go-to brand for content, creative, marketing and, in my opinion, making sophisticated tools available as part of on-demand clouds.

Our collective excitement about this announcement is two-fold.

Adobe is one of our largest customers. We admire their obsession with creating responsive, on-demand experiences with their marketing and appreciate their expert use of content to create a frictionless, buyer-led journey. Our team learns from them everyday. They hire some of the best and most proactive leaders, and they are fearless in their commitment to empower people to create and transform how businesses compete.

Marketo and PathFactory are long-standing integration partners. Over the years, we’ve worked together to deliver more responsive, buyer-led journeys for our mutual customers—even before their API was broadly available. As a result of this mutual commitment, we now share 70% of our customers with Marketo, and are proud of the dramatic increases in content engagement and revenue impact our joint solutions help them achieve. By extending the power of personalized experiences made possible by Marketo, we strive to deliver a buyer’s journey that is highly curated, responsive, and streamlined.

Adobe products like AEM, Target, and Analytics occupy the tech stacks of the majority of our enterprise customers and we have been connecting the value that Adobe brings the enterprise with that of Marketo for years. We have done this in the service of creating faster, easier, more personalized experiences for buyers in the same ways that Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify do for those very same buyers in their lives as consumers. As B2C brands have raced ahead of their business-to-business counterparts in the always-on, on-demand arms race, it’s become clear the lines between B2B buyer and consumer have blurred.

Today, buyers apply the same expectations they have of B2C brands and experiences to the interactions they have with B2B companies at work. The highest-performing B2B marketers have begun to adapt by providing on-demand experiences across ever-more marketing channels, building the strategic datasets needed to power them, and optimizing their entire customer lifecycle based on the results.

Witnessing these companies come together is very exciting. Not only for their customers but also for the larger marketing community and partner ecosystem. This is a martech milestone that will provide the entire space—both B2B and B2C—a powerful new way of thinking with personalization, buyer-led marketing, and data front and center. For our part, we look forward to this game-changing new chapter.