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Announcing ChatFactory: The Generative AI-Powered Buying Agent

By Dev Ganesan, CEO and President of PathFactory

PathFactory’s mission has always been to help B2B revenue teams get the right content, in front of the right buyer, at the right place, and at the right time.

In 2018, we began our investments and advancements in AI, recognizing that B2B buying was becoming increasingly digital and therefore content focused. We also recognized that content is data in itself; and also generates a lot of additional data when it is interacted with.

Since then, we launched AI-powered content experiences, asset playlists that adapt content recommendations based on performance and visitor data. We also released AI-powered website personalization capabilities that automatically personalize the content on any web page for known or anonymous visitors using real-time data about the individual buyer, their digital behaviors, and interests.

Just this past year, we brought to market our new AI content recommendations for sales teams in PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence, which combines your CRM data with our first-party content engagement data—taking the guesswork out of next-best content to use for BDR and sales outreach. Revenue teams can now deliver the right context, relevance, and value at every touchpoint.

“The role of the corporate website must evolve from being a repository to becoming an interactive, AI-enhanced hub that seamlessly integrates with these new modes of information retrieval.”

–Sebastian Vedsted Jespersen, CEO, Vertic in “The Impact of AI on Corporate Websites” 

Introducing ChatFactory.AI

As CEO, I’m proud of the success our customers have using our experiences, content intelligence data, and AI to drive growth for their businesses. I’m especially  excited to share with you our latest innovation, ChatFactory.AI, which is now generally available.

ChatFactory is the only generative AI buying agent that combines the power of AI and your content. We’re removing the friction from buying experiences and making it even easier for buyers to self-serve through AI-generated answers and content recommendations.

ChatFactory helps marketers refine their content strategy by identifying the buyer questions that need answers—ultimately providing the buying experiences people want and need. Have a look at the product tour below

Here are some of the key ways B2B marketers can use ChatFactory to increase marketing performance, buyer engagement, and sales effectiveness:

    1. Website Agent
      Solve website bloat with a buying agent that gives visitors AI-generated answers, content recommendations and auto-generated microsites in an easy-to-use, self-service experience.
    2. Resource Center Co-Pilot
      Stop making your audiences search, sort and sift through mounds of resource center content. Instead, easily and quickly train a ChatFactory agent using your resource center content. It can then answer buyer questions in a conversation interface and provide contextual AI-generated asset recommendations.
    3. Personalized ABM and Buying Group Agents
      Send a target account or buying group to a custom agent experience.  You can even use private assets that are specific to that account – like discovery docs, contracts, and more – to train your conversation and content recommendation AI engines. Everything stays private and secure within that account’s agent experience. This is a strong use case for tier 1 or strategic accounts.
    4. Sales Content Discovery
      Use the ChatFactory agent as a real-time enablement tool for BDRs and sellers that provides them with fast and easy access to copy, content recommendations, and microsites for effective outreach.
    5. A New Take on the CTA Landing Page
      Send your buyers from any CTA to a custom AI buying agent experience that can give them a completely 1:1 personalized conversation, content recommendations, and microsite experience.
    6. Content Strategy Insights
      You can review buyer conversations and asset engagement in ChatFactory Analytics to see how well your content aligns to and answers audience questions based on an AI confidence score and user ratings on conversation responses. Leverage the insights to identify content gaps and new content you should create.

Want to learn more?

I hope you are intrigued enough to want to check out our ChatFactory Product Tour. You can also try ChatFactory yourself in our own PathFactory instance. We’d love your feedback.

I also encourage you to sign up for our upcoming webinar with our PathFactory SVP of Product Marketing, Christine Polewarczyk, and Forrester Principal Analyst, Jessie Johnson:  The Future of Personalization: How Generative AI Changes the Game. They’ll talk about how B2B marketers are using generative AI to reduce journey friction, up-level personalization, and increase marketing efficiency. We’ll also show some live demos of ChatFactory in action.