PathFactory is able to aggregate engagement time from multiple content types in one session.
PathFactory Use Case

Content Strategy

Allows a marketing organization to understand what content they have and how it performs so they can better define and execute their content strategy plan.

Custom Reporting

What Is It?

These are specific reports that are outside the scope of PathFactory’s out-of-the-box reporting.

Value Proposition

Every company is different in terms of what is required from a reporting perspective. And while our built-in reports are extremely detailed, sometimes they may not highlight something key that your team requires, like a special combination of tables, or a metric that exists but isn’t accessible via standard reports. PathFactory’s Data Team can build custom dashboards to bring those special metrics or calculations to light, delivered on a cadence of your choosing.

Technical Lift: Medium

You will need to clearly articulate what data is not accessible via standard reports and the questions you are hoping to answer with the custom report. From there PathFactory’s Data Team will work with your CSM to build and schedule custom dashboards. Because these reports are completely customized, please expect that the setup process will require collaborative and iterative feedback to ensure reporting is tailored in the best way possible to meet your needs.