PathFactory is able to aggregate engagement time from multiple content types in one session.
PathFactory Use Case

Content Strategy: Explore best practices for your maturity stage

Stage 1 | Experimental 

What it looks like: “We have defined key marketing terms (KMT) and want to understand what content really speaks to our organization’s mission and strategic direction.”

  • We have completed a thorough content audit within the past 1-3 months.
  • We have developed a minimum of 5-10 key marketing topics.
  • We have also outlined an ICP and identified key targets.

Best practices to implement: 

  • Promoting key assets to target audience(s) across multiple channels.
  • Conducting regular cadences of KMTs analysis against existing content library to target key customers.
  • Leveraging analytics to understand performance of content types + topics broken down by channel & UTM’s.
  • Researching external/3rd party/competitive content helps define content strategy.
  • Measuring content assets that are high performing against your key marketing topics and content plan.
  • Conducting a health check of all content assets.

Stage 2 | Operational

What it looks like: “We are leveraging analytics to understand performance of content types + topics and now want to leverage those analytics to increase performance”

  • We have implemented a regular content auditing process.
  • We have started to deliver personalized messages and targeted content assets to their identified key audiences.

Best practices to implement:

  • Using campaign successes and QBR reporting  to identify high-performing content assets with high conversion.
  • Guiding your accounts to the information they’re searching for by highlighting trending topics across visitors.
  • Using engagement and conversion metrics to learn more about your visitors’ buying committee.
  • Setting up automatic “fast moving buyer” alerts so you can follow up with prospects.
  • Using plugins for content distribution within outreach tools like Gmail or Salesloft.
  • Integrating with 6sense or DemandBase to sync analytics across platforms.

Stage 3 | Amplified

What it looks like: “We are ready to empower our go-to-market team and accelerate the buyer journey with real-time content engagement and buyer insights.”

  • We have a fully optimized content library with all assets appropriately tagged.
  • We are using AI-driven recommendations to target content to buyers at scale.

Best practices to implement: 

  • Leverage unknown and known, account and vertical/industry audience engagement across verticals to diagnose content performance and content development.
  • Auto-generating content promotion of personalized assets to multiple audiences.
  • Conducting regular analysis of current content against external/competitive content as part of the content development process.
  • Promoting targeted, omnichannel assets active in your content corpus.
  • Testing and optimizing the impact of your key marketing topics against related content.

Contact your CSM to learn more about leveling up your Content Strategy programs and how PathFactory can help set you up for scalable success.