Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI’s Impact on Content Intelligence

This article was written by PathFactory’s VP of Product Management, Nat Venkataraman.

If you look at tech headlines today, it looks like the world’s attention has been taken over by AI. Reactions range from outright exhilaration (“AI will lead to a better world!”) to cautious (“Hey, this is the wild west – make sure you understand the results you are getting”). What we have on our hands, folks, is a good ol’ transformative technology revolution. PathFactory is no stranger to this area—after all, we’ve been working on AI for several years now, particularly by leveraging language models to make content recommendations that improve website performance.

How AI Enriches and Elevates Content

Let’s take a step back and break down a few of the areas that these new technologies are working on, and how they pertain to content. Broadly, those areas are:

        • Chat: Take messages as input and return responses
        • Embeddings: Measure how text is related for classification purposes, as well as for searches and recommendations
        • Text Completion: Suggest ways to complete text as you type
        • Image Generation: Create images and art from natural language descriptions
        • Speech to Text: Transcribe audio

Obviously, the areas most related to B2B marketers are chat, embeddings and text completion, or, to be more specific, Generative AI (Chat, Text Completion) and Content Enrichment (Embeddings).

As it happens, Content Enrichment is a key part of Content Intelligence, which is a core value proposition that PathFactory offers today. After all, content by itself is cool, but content that has also been classified, categorized, clustered, tagged, organized, reviewed, approved and published is so much more useful to so many more people in the content business. With PathFactory’s long experience with Marketing data, we are able to provide context and AI-driven recommendations about the next best content to serve to the buyer. By combining all of the above with engagement and viewer data, PathFactory has already proven powerful at moving visitors and buyers faster and farther through the buyer’s journey.

So where do ChatGPT and similar AI technologies fit in PathFactory’s plans? Cue Generative AI. The obvious use case is to use them to help create content–but that’s table stakes. In addition to generating new content, we enrich that content by generating summaries and even automatically changing that content (with appropriate governance of course!).  Updated material, a new tone, and a different style that appeals to that particular viewer can make all the difference in conversion.

PathFactory is on the Forefront of this Technology Revolution

We’re evolving into a time of deep hyper-personalization, where the same content is fine-tuned for different buyers. PathFactory is well on our way, beginning with generative summaries in Q2, followed by using AI to personalize activation experiences in the second half of 2023.

Stay tuned as we supplement our existing Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI capabilities to help you scale out your ABM strategies in 2023.

PS: No, the author did not use any generative AI to write this post, but doesn’t promise not to do so in the future.