Infographic: Welcome to the Netflix Era of Marketing

When’s the last time you watched just one episode of House of Cards in a sitting? We’d guess it was more like 3-4 episodes in an epic binge-watching session. As a B2B marketer, wouldn’t it be great if your prospects consumed your content with the same enthusiasm and appetite for more?

Right about now, you’re probably thinking that your latest white paper or video is pretty awesome, but it’s hardly up to the binge-worthy standards of House of Cards or Orange in the New Black. It might surprise you to learn that, based on our research, engaged prospects (the kind that ultimately become qualified leads and sales) actually crave content – lots of it – and they will binge on yours, if you let them engage on their schedule, not yours.

Your prospects have a strong desire to control their own time. Since you can’t set the terms of when or where they engage, you must be ready to convert and nurture with the right combination of relevant content whenever and wherever your prospects click. This is why B2B marketers are moving away from scheduled marketing to “always-on” marketing that allows prospects to consume content according to their own preferences and pace.

We’ve put together an infographic to help you understand what the Netflix era of on-demand content means for you as a marketer. Check it out below.

Would you rather nurture like Netflix or Blockbuster (RIP)?
To learn why marketers are moving from scheduled to “always-on” nurturing, check out our eBook: Engagement Marketing in the Netflix Era: 7 Things You Need to Know.