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Account-based Marketing

It Takes a Village: The ABM Leadership Alliance Aims to Help

When it comes to the latest buzzwords in B2B marketing, Account-based Marketing, or ABM for short, is clearly at the top of the list. While ABM isn’t exactly a new idea, there is a newfound urgency among many B2B marketers to get ABM right. Long the domain of sales teams, ABM aims to double down on the universe of target accounts that companies will have the most success selling to, in order to focus time, money and resources on penetrating those key accounts. Rather than casting a wide net, ABM is about narrowing the focus to efficiently identify, target and engage accounts that are the most likely to purchase.

In an effort to build general market awareness, many companies will continue to execute horizontal demand strategies in conjunction with ABM. Layering in this level of focus is designed to ensure that marketers are “fishing where the fish are” – or at least the fish that are likely to bite. Once an organization has hit its stride and has a solid understanding of their ideal customer profile, ABM is the logical extension of target account selling and aims to engage those accounts and heat them up for sales.

As more and more marketers focus on implementing effective ABM strategies, the increasing urgency has given rise to a crop of new products and solutions designed to make ABM better, faster and easier. But like any rapidly evolving market, the ABM tech stack is still shrouded in mystery for many of the marketers these technological advancements were built to help. What do all these solutions do, how do they work together and what ABM technologies do marketers really need in their MarTech stacks to be successful?

These are the questions the ABM Leadership Alliance aims to answer. A national organization focused on educating B2B marketers about developing and deploying a successful ABM strategy, the Alliance demystifies the many ABM technology options available and provides B2B marketers with guidance on how to create the right marketing technology stack to scale and automate their efforts.

The team at PathFactory is thrilled to be among such great company in the ABM Leadership Alliance and you can learn more about our own ABM solution in this recent article: Making ABM Work at Scale. Comprised of leading ABM-focused technology and data vendors, this consortium includes experts from Bizible, Demandbase, Get Smart Content, Optimizely, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Radius, among others.

It is the goal of this consortium to shed light on this emerging marketing strategy and pool our collective expertise to provide marketers with a single, consolidated resource for navigating this complicated new market. It takes a village to provide marketers with the tools they need to be successful with ABM and we aim to support our customers and prospects in the most comprehensive way possible.