PathFactory Use Case


Activating relevant content at the right time with a target audience to accelerate a buyer journey or drive retention/adoption.

Always On

What Is It?

Always-On campaigns are evergreen; they are programs that are set to work for you automatically after an initial trigger that adds the visitor to an email outreach process(for example, a typical Nurture Drip campaign or a follow up to a downloaded asset or form fill) . You may add visitors to these campaign segments based on their profile or engagement. Always-On campaigns are often something we “set and forget” and then revisit to refresh at regular intervals.

Value Proposition

Instead of a sending a single asset, PathFactory provides a collection of relevant content, moving your visitors away from “one and done” content journeys. Engagement insights provide opportunity to optimize these campaigns – you’ll know what content is performing well and be able to easily identify and reconsider underperforming assets. Cadences can be further improved by using intelligent routing in your MAP leveraging meaningful topic engagement. This ensures that your always-on nurture is providing the most relevant content to your visitors based on their specific interests.

Technical Lift: Light

Much of the lift required to achieve intelligent evergreen campaigns lies on the marketing operations side. Replace links behind CTAs and form fills with PathFactory experiences. Additional enhancements leveraging PathFactory topic met thresholds requires working knowledge of MAP functionality.