PathFactory Use Case


Activating relevant content at the right time with a target audience to accelerate a buyer journey or drive retention/adoption.

Lead Score

What Is It?

This is a scoring methodology used to determine when a potential prospect is engaged enough to be considered a “marketing qualified lead” (MQL) and passed along to sales for further follow up. This traditionally involves profile (title, region, etc.) and engagement data (opens, clicks, downloads) from the MAP.

Value Proposition

Scoring models that consider a prospect’s level of meaningful engagement ensure that visitors showing deeper interest and intent are scored accordingly and passed to sales at the right time. PathFactory enhances scoring models by including content engagement attributes (engagement score, time spent, # of assets viewed, form fills, etc.) leading to higher quality MQLs, higher trust by sales in MQL quality, and fewer disqualifications by the sales team.

Technical Lift: Moderate

Demand generation teams specify the value of the threshold — for example, 1 PathFactory engagement score = X MAP score. The Marketing operations team then creates or updates the lead scoring model in the MAP based on these new requirements. (Note: PathFactory Engagement score is an element of a customer’s overall lead scoring model, just like clicks and downloads.)