PathFactory Use Case


Activating relevant content at the right time with a target audience to accelerate a buyer journey or drive retention/adoption.

VEX Live Events

What Is It?

These are live events hosted using PathFactory’s VEX platform – webinars, single-day events, multi-day events, and/or any video series. When video is the first featured asset, VEX is key to ensuring deeper levels of engagement.

Value Proposition

With PathFactory’s VEX solution, visitors can engage with a video while simultaneously consuming supplementary content. If privacy is a concern, the event can be access protected for registered users. Engage customers pre- and post-event. Chat functionality provides the opportunity for enhanced communication: attendees can chat while watching live, engaging with other participants and the host, encouraging a more dynamic question/answer period.

Technical Lift: Heavy 

The content team creates supplemental content. The events team coordinates main videos, chat, links, registration. Marketing operations sets up sessions, pre/post follow up, and testing. The PathFactory admin sets up VEX event in PathFactory and completes testing. PathFactory Support is available on standby for technical support throughout an event.