PathFactory Use Case


Activating relevant content at the right time with a target audience to accelerate a buyer journey or drive retention/adoption.

Webinar Emails

What Is It?

These are campaigns for pre-event marketing and also post-event follow up. After a registrant submits a webinar form, they are redirected to a content track where the submission confirmation/thank you page is the first asset in a collection of content. This approach encourages deeper engagement and interest in the event topic and related content. After the webinar, one track with the recording, slides, and additional relevant content serves dual purpose: to follow up with attendees and no-shows. Those who attended land on the supporting slides as the first asset; while those who missed the session land on the webinar recording.

Value Proposition

Submitting a registration is considered very high value engagement and by leveraging this intent we can ensure registrants receive additional content to support the learning/takeaways from the event. By packaging the recording, slides and supporting assets in a track for follow up, we encourage the most engagement with the webinar’s key theme and related content. We also gain a much deeper understanding of topic performance while accelerating customer journeys. A big benefit of using PathFactory here is the potential to qualify prospects who may not attend the event but still engage with multiple assets after the form submission. Additional opportunity exists to increase the longevity of this content by packaging previous webinars into an on-demand resource center.

Technical Lift: Light

Option 1: If using a MAP landing page, this needs to be created by marketing operations. Add this page to PathFactory along with a collection of additional relevant assets by PathFactory admin. Set up a redirect to PathFactory track after form completion.

Option 2: Explore page; PathFactory admin creates an Explore page with confirmation message and relevant assets. Set up a redirect to PathFactory Explore page after form completion.