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PathFactory + G2: Enable Your Buyer With User-Generated Content

My son turns 2 in May, which means pretty soon he’ll go from sleeping in a crib to a toddler bed…and that means he is free. Free to roam around his room, climb on furniture, smash his toys against the wall. It’s a terrifying prospect that anyone with a 2 year old can relate to.

As you can imagine, a video baby monitor is essential for my wife and I to keep tabs on him as he explores his newfound twilight freedom. Naturally, I hopped on Amazon and binge-consumed all the information I could find on video baby monitors–pictures, specs, feature sheets, product reviews, you name it. Having a wealth of product information and reviews easily available helped me find the perfect model within a couple of hours and order it on the spot.

The importance of a frictionless buying experience

Frictionless buying experiences like this are setting a whole new bar for B2B marketing. The modern B2B consumer demands a seamless buying process, free of barriers and hurdles. They want all the information required to make a purchase decision at their fingertips, in the moment they want it. For this reason, many old B2B bad habits won’t cut it anymore. Things like throwing mandatory forms up in front of content or making prospects wait a week for the next email nurture–It’s no longer a satisfactory experience for the modern buyer. It’s time to evolve to meet the expectations of the new B2B consumer.

PathFactory and G2 take buyer enablement to a whole new level

This new integration is one step closer to putting buyer enablement at the forefront of B2B marketing. With PathFactory, marketers can package relevant pieces of owned and third party content together into bingeable Content Tracks that make buyer self-education a breeze. With this exciting new integration, PathFactory customers can bolster their Content Tracks with the power of G2’s peer reviews and UGC.

Sample PathFactory Track with User Generated Content, showing user reviews and a 4.4 out of 5 rating

The benefits of adding social proof to your marketing mix are many. It builds trust with your audience, reflects the transparency of your brand, and validates marketing claims (to name a few).

Including G2 UGC in PathFactory Content Tracks not only provides more of the information your buyer wants in a single session, it also allows you to better understand the role of G2 content in the buyer’s journey. The ability to see how much time leads are spending on G2 resources helps measure their effectiveness at various stages throughout the buyer’s journey. Not only that, this beautiful new partnership goes as far as uncovering actual ROI and revenue influence of G2 content with insights available from Path Analytics (included with all PathFactory subscriptions).

ScreenShot of the PathFactory Platform, Path Analytics. This image shows a content performance overview of a G2 Ground Review Page, including Total Engagement Time, Cost Per Minute, Influenced Pipeline, Influenced Revenue, ROI and a graph showing content performance

Are you already using G2 in your marketing today? Well, then you’re halfway there! Get more eyeballs on and add more context to all of those hard-earned reviews by packaging them together with more of your marketing. With PathFactory and G2, allow your buyers to find the answers they need at just the right moment in their buying journey. Take a Demo of PathFactory today!