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Relationship One Partners With PathFactory to Provide AI-Powered Customer Insights to Go-To-Market Teams

October 20, 2022 — TORONTO, Ontario — Today PathFactory, the leading B2B Content Intelligence platform, announced a new partnership with Relationship One, a leading systems integration and marketing consulting firm that helps B2B companies modernize their marketing strategies through technology and data. This partnership will enable businesses to elevate their marketing programs and drive revenue through customer-driven, personalized marketing experiences. Through a seamless integration between PathFactory’s content intelligence platform and a customer’s existing marketing automation platform, go-to-market teams can accelerate revenue generation from implementation to action, while gathering analytics to inform future decisions.

“B2B marketers and sellers need more insight in order to take the next-best action when engaging prospects. To do this, marketing teams need to ensure their content is relevant and personalized to the buyer”, said Dev Ganesan, President and CEO of PathFactory. “PathFactory’s content intelligence combined with Relationship One’s experience in marketing technology consulting will enable our joint customers to deliver personalized content and analytics to drive revenue and close deals faster.” 

Together, Relationship One and PathFactory have an opportunity to transform the industry, making it easier to bring a B2B marketer’s innovative vision & strategy to life through an automated, intuitive platform that delivers better experiences, qualified leads, and more revenue. 

“Partnering with PathFactory was a natural fit considering the overlap between our customer base, and our commitment to providing B2B go-to-market teams with best-in-class marketing technology”, said Ron Corbisier, CEO of Relationship One. “By extending the power of personalized experiences, made possible by Oracle’s CX Marketing platform, we plan to deliver a buyer’s journey that is highly curated, responsive, and streamlined”. 

PathFactory’s content intelligence platform is currently being used by several enterprise and mid-market customers, including Adobe, Cisco, and Blackboard.