PathFactory Use Case

Website Conversions

Increase leads and engagement by getting more visitors to take action more quickly on your website.


What Is It?

PathFactory links are added behind a CTA on your website and the click triggers the content experience to open as an overlay on top of the site page, rather than redirect to a new window.

Value Proposition

Overlays are a fantastic option to bring collections of relevant assets directly to your website visitors, instead of sending them on a scavanger hunt to find the right content. A content track as an overlay keeps your visitor on your site for longer and encourages deeper engagement through self-nurture. Understanding the CTA, and matching your visitor’s expectations behind every click provides them with a mini resource center and a relevant path forward. Content can often get buried on your site and PathFactory helps ensure high performing assets are always front and center – supporting your visitor journeys and also ensuring a long shelf life for the content your team has invested in and worked so hard to create. Bringing relevant collections of content together and launching at various places throughout your site provides visitors with what they need and encourages accelerated exploration of your content/products/services. These journeys can be further enhanced using intelligent routing supported by PathFactory segments & routes.

Technical Lift: Light

Your web team needs to add two lines of code to your website. Then the track URL with an appended UTM indicating the track to open in overlay mode is added as a hyperlink to text or an image on your site. There is an alternative method to deploy these overlays using HTML. Your PathFactory CSM can guide you to a Nook article outlining the details you need to launch tracks as overlays and your Solutions Engineer will lean in if additional technical support is needed.