Content AI For GTM Teams

A strong, revenue-focused GTM team is only as good as the sum of its parts, which is why it’s crucial that every team has access to the same data and tools to align on strategy.

Whether your goal is to maximize content engagement, improve churn, or build pipeline, PathFactory will enable your GTM team to understand and unlock ROI at every stage of the buyer journey.


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PathFactory’s B2B content AI gives your GTM the tools they need to unlock ROI

A new take on marketing and sales. It is a connected with the customer at the center. Marketing is constantly messaging while sales is constantly using intelligence so both teams can bring the sale to a close

1. High-performing sales teams use PathFactory to share relevant content with prospects, while using first-party content engagement data and third-party intent data to pick the best time to reach out.


  • Improved Outreach Effectiveness: Use data to tailor sales pitches and follow-ups to align with the prospect’s topics of interests, increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Sales Enablement: Enable sales teams to easily access and share relevant, marketing-approved content with prospects from a central content repository.
  • Access Third-Party Intent Data: Integrate content AI with multiple platforms to gain additional insights into prospect behavior and interests, allowing sales teams to prioritize leads and take advantage of PathFactory’s “high-value buyer” alerts.

A representative of your marketing team.

Marketing knows what topics and types of content perform the best. If buyers prefer webinars over case studies, marketing has the data at their fingertips.

A representative of your sales team.

Sales and CS knows through anecdotal feedback which content was helpful throughout a buying journey, and ultimately led to a purchase decision.

2. Innovative B2B marketers use PathFactory to create AI-driven, personalized content experiences that increase lead to value ratio.

  • Content Personalization: Content AI enables you to build tailored content journeys for your buyers’ needs and preferences, while identifying individual- and account-level insights about your buying committee.
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Create highly-customized content tracks for target accounts, deliver cohesive and personalized content experiences, and nurture your buying committee in real time.
  • Content Performance Optimization: Identify high-performing content and optimize low-performing content. Have near real-time insight into the success of your content strategy by understanding the content assets that are driving the most conversions and engagement.


A traditional take on marketing and sales. It is a broken system where marketing identifies and then hands the potential buyer over to the sales team to close the sale




3. Customer Success teams use PathFactory to provide seamless onboarding experiences, improve customer product adoption, and pursue upsell opportunities using intent data.

  • Customer Onboarding: Create personalized onboarding experiences for new customers with curated content tracks that guide customers through important information and resources.
  • Customer Education and Training: Deliver educational content and training materials in a structured manner. Organize content into tracks and allow customers to progress through learning modules at their own pace.
  • Customer Advocacy and Engagement: Curate content tracks that showcase success stories, customer testimonials, and thought leadership content to show off the benefits of becoming a brand advocate.


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