How Carbon Black Sourced 2.5X More Leads By Delivering A Seamless Experience For Prospects

The Results With PathFactory


increase in MQLs


increase in MQL to SQL conversion

8min 46sec

average engagement time


Nurture program wasn’t producing enough high-quality leads

When Carbon Black’s small-but-mighty Demand Gen team launched their first nurture program in 2018, engagement was lower than expected. Plus, the Sales team wasn’t happy with the quality or quantity of the leads they were receiving. A ‘one-and-done’ content delivery style was the root of the problem. Every asset in their nurture campaign was gated, and led to a single-asset dead end experience. The team needed a way to reduce friction for prospects so they could consume more relevant content, and become more qualified buyers.


Reducing friction to create more qualified leads

Now the team directs all clicks from their nurture program to PathFactory Content Tracks, where prospects can binge on multiple relevant assets, bundled together into a seamless experience. The team refined their form strategy so only unknown prospects are shown a form, and only after they’ve reached an engagement threshold. Also they now use content engagement data to inform lead scoring (a much more reliable metric for lead qualification), resulting in stronger sales-ready leads, and further improving marketing & sales alignment.

“Content engagement is the key to educating and converting leads. By easing friction for prospects, PathFactory has played a major role in increasing both the volume and the quality of our leads.”
Christopher Mitchell
Former Marketing Programs Specialist
Carbon Black
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