How Genesys streamlined ABM efforts to boost engagement time by 30%


Lift in engagement time


Binge rate (sessions with more than 1 asset view)


Of assets (on average) are viewed by prospects when sent in content track


Needed to Streamline sales and marketing efforts to provide more impactful prospect experiences and follow ups

Genesys is a global leader in customer experience orchestration for organizations in more than 100 countries. Content is crucial for driving engagement and conversions. The Genesys marketing team creates high-quality resources to address prospect pain points in a meaningful way — while demonstrating expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. With demand generation centered around ABM, they aim to nurture the full buying unit within target accounts, often spanning 3-4 departments.

The SDRs at Genesys did their best to promote the company’s marketing campaigns and content assets to achieve their targets on an ad-hoc basis, such as when a new piece of collateral first became available or when something evergreen was relevant to the conversation they were having. Unfortunately, they could only send one piece of collateral at a time and the marketing team had restricted visibility into what prospects were actually interested in, making it difficult to accurately understand what was moving the needle.


Genesys used PathFactory to align ABM efforts between marketing and sales.

Instead of combing through available marketing assets to develop their own campaigns, marketing gave SDRs access to dozens of curated content tracks, with the most relevant assets already bundled together for specific accounts. Genesys also integrated PathFactory with Salesforce, enabling their sales team to fully understand how prospects were engaging with different assets through PathFactory For Sales.

This made it easier for both marketing and sales teams to connect the dots between individual engagement and account-level progression. It also improved the experience for prospects, who now engage 30% longer and view 90% of assets in their designated content track, on average. Genesys also achieved a 19.3% binge rate — sessions with more than one asset view, which sales can now connect to qualified prospects.

“PathFactory changed the way our SDRs work and hunt for information.”
Taylor Mansinne
Sr. Global Digital Engagement Specialist